Cash Register Service and Support

National Business Systems, Inc. are cash register experts. We have a combined 50+ years in cash register support and repair. Because the price of cash registers has come down so much in years often it is not cost effective to have them repaired, however depending on the issue and the make and model it may be worth it.

What we do more of these days instead of fixing broken cash registers is supporting them and helping you get the most out of them. We are very efficient at helping you with:

  • Programming and changing Tax Rates
  • Taking Reports
  • Resetting locked up registers
  • Programming name changes and logos
  • Setting up categories and departments
  • Bar Code Scanning
  • Backing up and restoring registers
  • Datacacap Cash Register Interfaces

If you require support for your cash register call us at 1-800-863-2274 or use our live chat feature for more information. Before you call you should know the make and model of your cash register. Also please be aware we are not a FREE SERVICE, we charge for our support. We also are not a resource for free manuals or cash register keyboard templates. If you bought your cash register from us templates and PDF manuals are always free. If you use us for support those items are also always free.

Please be aware we support SAM4s cash registers, Commercial Model Sharp registers, and a few Casio Cash Registers. We do not support models starting with XE or PCR.

Below please find out video training series on several different SAM4s cash register models.