Restaurant POS

Digital Dining and National Business Systems have teamed up to bring you a world class restaurant point of sale system with professional and experienced support.

National Business Systems is proud to offer you numerous restaurant POS system to choose from. We know your point of sale needs may not be the same as the restaurant down the street, which is why we have several different restaurant point of sale systems to select from. The systems we offer are very diverse in the features and functions to best suit your needs. We won't try to make you fit into a system just because that is the one we sell. Our flagship POS system is Digital Dining, which has been installed all over North America for over twenty years. The Digital Dining POS system is a full featured PC Based system that works with a wide array of traditional POS hardware as well as cutting edge trendy devices such as tablets and mobile devices. Another choice we offer is the Harbortouch POS system for those that would like a well rounded dependable system that is available on a subscription only rather than an outright purchase or lease. For restaurant operators looking for a mid level system with a tremendous amount of value and dependability we carry the NCC Reflections POS for restaurants. NCC offers embedded software and Windows based leading to flexibility and affordable systems. To round out the PC based systems we offer and support Aldelo POS software. And lastly for those looking for simple entry level POS for food service POS for smaller establishments the SAM4s POS systems will fit the bill.

National Business Systems offer many choices to ensure you get a POS system that works for your business instead of trying to make one fit. Our flexible approach to selecting a POS system for your restaurant will result in you getting the most bang for your buck. Just look around the POS systems in Seattle and you will find us in different niche markets with the best fit for that customer. call us at 800-863-2274 to find out more. Check here if you were looking for a Retail POS System