SAM4s Restaurant POS Systems

National Business Systems, Inc. offers the simple restaurant POS systems from SAM4s. These terminals are very cost effective but still get the job done. These simple SAm4s restaurant point of sale system do much of what expensive POS systems do without the cost. Sore computer POS offers more in the way of reporting and customer tracking, these SAM4s systems are not going to do that. But if you need a system for entering orders, kitchen printing or kitchen video, server tracking, time and attendance the POS systems from SAM4s may be just what you need.

The SAM4s restaurant systems are typically one third the cost of a traditional PC based POS system and are working in thousands of restaurants around the country. Also these system DO NOT REQUIRE monthly payments that go on forever like Tablet based systems, they also DO NOT REQUIRE an internet connection to operate. If you lose your internet the system keeps on working.

Give us a call to see if one of the SAM4s Restaurant POS systems might work for you. Reach us at 800-863-2274 and schedule a time to visit our Seattle area office for a demonstration.