Cash Registers

You should look at a cash register before buying a POS system, you may be surprised

If you have not looked at a cash register lately you could be missing a great cost effective POS system. Yes, that is right a cash register really is an entry level POS system. We are not talking about your father's cash register here. Regardless of where you are located we can help your with a SAM4s cash register from our Seattle Tacoma area POS office. We specialize in deploying cash registers all over the United States and Canada. What so many of our customers like is that a cash register system is so cost effective because unlike so many of the POS systems on the market today there are no long term usage cost. Not only will you not pay monthly forever you won't be dependent on the internet for your system to be up and running. Many of the popular systems being pushed by the banks and merchant services companies now are designed to make them more money by trapping you into long term contracts and high merchant services fees. Don't fall for those traps, buy a high tech cash register and keep more of your money.

SAM4s cash registers are the best on the market today.

The best cash registers on the market today are from SAM4s, which make a great line up of cutting edge models with features never before found in a cash register. The SAM4s cash registers are capable of EMV credit card interface, bar code scanning of up to 60K items, kitchen printers, modifiers, EBT interface, Gift Card interface and much more all for a fraction of the cost of the monthly fee based tablet systems like Clover or ShopKeep. Call us today at 800-863-2274 and we can tell you how a cash register will help you keep more of your money. Don't forget we also offer the industries best POS terminals too.

Cash Registers are still one of the best POS solutions on the market. Much more durable and cost effective than your average POS system ever hoped to be. Why is that you may ask? Well because cash registers are mission specific devices that don't require Windows or iOS operating systems or hard drives. This makes them all more dependable, faster and a lower cost of ownership.

Another huge benefit of using a cash register is the fact they don't require the internet or "Cloud" to operate. Don't let a spotty internet stop you from doing business. A cash register with a credit card interface can in most cases even have a telephone line back up, no internet no problem! There is one cash register company that now leads the way and that is SAM4s who make the worlds best cash registers. Please let us know if you have questions or give us a call at -800-863-2274 so we can tell you the best cash register to implement into your business. If your are looking for a solution with integrated payments almost all the modern SAM4s cash registers can interface with a pin pad. Please call us at 800-863-2274 to talk specifics regarding processors and pin pad options.