Datacap Cash Register Credit Card Interface

Datacap Systems makes interfaces connecting cash registers to credit card payments with or without EMV. The Datacap devices are very durable and trouble-free. Operating in the background they turn your SAM4s cash register in a credit card terminal too. No longer do you need to reconcile two different systems or lose money because cashiers and servers enter the wrong amount into a credit card terminal costing you money.

At National Business Systems, Inc. we are experts at interfacing SAM4s cash registers with the Datacap. We also offer our expert systems in re-programming or repairing existing Datacap devices already deployed. If you have questions about deploying a Datacap Twin Tran, Tran Server or IPTran we can help you.

We also have been deploying the Datacap Tran Server with EMV enabled pin pads as well helping you convert to being EMV compliant. Call us at 1-800-863-2274 for more information on how to connect a VX-805 to your SAM4s cash register.