Datacap TwinTran Server

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Product Description

The Datacap Twin Tran Server allows you to turn your cash register into a credit card terminal too. Accepting payments directly at your cash register allows you to accurately speed up the customer's purchase experience.

If you don't already have your SAM4s cash register interfaced to payments directly you are probably losing money. When your payments are tied directly into your cash register or POS system you effectively eliminate costly keying entries. As an example if the sale is $19.95 it is very easy for your cashier to enter $1.95 into a standalone terminal costing you $18.00 in one simple transaction. If you have never audited your transactions to see if this is occurring you probably should. When your cash register or POS system is fully integrated the sale amount is already entered into the credit card payment amount field.

When you are fully interfaced you also force cashiers to register sales into the cash register of POS system before they can accept a customers credit card payment greatly reducing the possibility of cashier fraud that happened in businesses that don't integrate payments.

The Datacap TwinTran Server also is EMV compliant. If you are ready to accept EMV chipped cards in your business the Twin Tran server is ready for you. Simply add a VX-805 pin pad to your system and you will be able to accept all types of card transactions including chipped cards eliminating EMV liability.

At National Business Systems we are experts at integrating cash registers and POS system with card payments. Feel free to give us a call at 1-800-863-2274 to see how we can assist you. We work with companies just like you all over North America, just call us to get started.

Please note prices shown do not include technical support for installing device on your cash register. This support is available for an additional fee. The average cash register install would be one to two hours of chargeable support. If you are replacing an existing Datacap in most cases it is very simple and you may not require support. Price also DOES not include networking cables, or required switch which can be purchased locally

*Please note if you do on your own we simply ship you the products and no support is included. If you select the basic support we will help you attach to your register and provide basic programming (all over the phone). If you have a more complicated system you may require additional support.

If you only have one cash register to interface to credit card payments then you do not require the TwinTran Server, you will only need a Datacap IPTran LT Cash Register Credit Card interface and an VX-805 Pin Pad

VX-805 for SAM4s cash register

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