Digital Dining is the Premier Restaurant POS System

Digital Dining's Point of Sale Software does a lot, it's simple to use and goes way beyond the basics. Digital Dining works on hand held terminals and traditional terminals without reliance on the Internet. Call us at 1-800-863-2274 to schedule a demo

Digital Dining's mobile POS
Digital Dining's Table Service register provides the ultimate in features designed to assist the server in efficient service. A server may meet all the guests' needs with a touch to the screen. You want your servers time at the POS terminal to be brief so that server can be in the dining room serving guest, taking orders and turning tables. Maybe you want to mix and match and have stationary terminals and also mobile terminals in the same system, with Digital Dining that is no problem.

bar and lounge POS by Digital Dining

Digital Dining's Bar\Quick Service register is a quick order entry screen designed to provide maximum speed and efficiency as quick transactions are conducted. Keep your staff helping customers, not pushing buttons flipping from screen to screen. Our expert staff of programmers and installers can make your Digital Dining smooth and fast.As you can see from the example on the right some users will use icons for the menu item buttons. With Digital Dining, it's your choice to use an icon or just text. Make the button any color you would like. Regardless of using icons or text the key to success is speed because we are a mature restaurant POS system.

Digital Dining for counter service
Digital Dining's Counter Service registers are designed to make it flexible, fast and efficient. Choose between a counter service register and 4 different drive through registers. Many of our customers also utilize a Kitchen Video system too to maximize productivity and reduce waste. Double Drive thru models work very well with Digital Dining and don't forget you could always use hand held terminal to line bust or take orders at the drive thru menu.

When you buy a professional restaurant POS system from National Business Systems you will notice big differences compared to other systems and companies. You get on-site training and support, often you can have one of our team at your restaurant when you open. When you call us you will be calling a local company, not a company overseas. We are right here in your community and can be on-site if need be. Of course we can remote in to your system for support like other POS companies, however we can also be in your restaurant when needed. We have been in this community for over forty years, we have support personnel that have been serving our Digital Dining system customers for over twenty years. So if you want a company that cares, if you want to use a company that will be here tomorrow, give us a call at 800-863-2274 and see how we can help you.

Did you know that Digital Dining is available for a monthly fee? We have two monthly payment programs so you can select the best one for you. The first is called Saas which is software as a service. The second program is called PaaS and that program is POS as a service where you pay for the software and hardware on a monthly basis. Call us at 800-863-2274 to get the details.

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No one has a faster and better equipped Table Service POS interface then Digital Dining. Our Table Service POS is Fast, Easy and Complete.

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Our Bar Screen Is exactly what you need in a fast paced Bar / Club environment. Digital Dinning's Fast Bar Screen eliminates all of the excuses Bar Tenders have for not ringing in items as they go!

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Digital Dining Has all the tools you need to accomplish POS controls anywhere including our state of the art Hand Held Terminals. Including Hand Held Terminals that process Credit Card

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National Business Systems is the oldest independent POS dealer in Washington State. Our office is between Seattle and Tacoma. Our staff make the difference in how much you will get out of your Digital Dining POS system. If you would like more information or maybe a demonstration please call us at 1-800-863-2274

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    We’ve been working with Digital Dining from National Business Systems for over 20 years. During this time, we have never had an outage that has made a negative impact on our business. That is a big deal for our small restaurant with no IT department. Their support is phenomenal. The program is easy to use the setup and routine adjustments provided by the knowledgeable people at NBS has always been exceptional. They totally understand the restaurant business and our implementation of the Digital Dining System. We highly recommend National Business Systems for your point-of-sale and technology needs!

    - Bob Griffith, The Pumphouse in Bellevue, WA

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    Making the decision to move foreword with a new POS system is inevitable and challenging. Your old system is not taking advantage of the updated hardware and software that will help you stay competitive. But which POS ? How will it actually work in your environment ? Many questions to be answered. We chose NBS because they were able to answer those questions. They provided us the information we needed to make the right choice in a new system. The training and support was exactly what we needed to get up and running successfully.

    - Bob Morris GM. Aurora Burgermaster

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