Digital Dining Customer Loyalty Features

Digital Dining is more then just a POS system. With our Customer Loyalty Feature you can give your customers even more reasons to keep coming back!

  • Reward and Build Loyalty Our Customer Loyalty Feature allows you to track and reward your customers giving them extra value for being your customer.
  • Attract new customers and keep them coming back with Digital Dining Frequent Diner. Digital Dining gives you the tools to create and maintain customer loyalty through reward plans while increasing sales in your restaurant.
  • Frequent Dining is the most cost effective marketing available. Targeted toward current customers, it gives them incentives to become more frequent customers.
  • Digital Dining Frequent Diner allows the restaurant to both identify and reward the approximately 20% to 30% of their customers that typically account for 70% to 80% of their business.
  • Create Promotions that cater to those interests. For example, if you have many customers who enjoy football, you might create a Monday night football event and send invitations to those customers.
  • Generate mailing labels from the customer database based on level of customer purchases, type of items purchased, special interests, special dates, or customer location

Retain more customers by giving them more Value at your business!