Digital Dining Credit Card Features

Digital Dining Integrated Credit Card Interface Features Keep You Up To Date

With Digital Dining you can rest easy that accepting credit cards will be easy and secure. Digital Dining works with nearly every major merchant services and we are adding more to the list all the time. Most important is that using Digital Dining helps you stay secure and up to date with the always evolving requirements of electronic payments.

The newest requirement in credit card payments of course is the EMV liability shift enacted a couple years ago. Did you know that applies to restaurants too? Yes that is right, whether you have a table service restaurant or quick service establishment you are accepting all the risk of credit card charges if your system is not reading the EMV chip in credit cards.

With Digital Dining you can use state of the art EMV chip reading devices at the terminal or even at the table. Digital Dining uses the wireless PAX D210 credit card terminal right at the table. The credit card never leaves the card holders hand. Using a chip reading terminal relives you of the automatic liability associated with EMV chips and keeps you safe. And whether you are using the wired terminal or the wireless terminal the transaction is "out of scope" which is what the credit card guidelines are asking for.

Digital Dining Credit Card Interface Highlights.

  • Fully integrated EMV Chip reading devices allows you to avoid costly and automatic EMV chargebacks. If you are not using EMV readers in your business card holders can charge back their transaction for no reason and you will be charged back. Don't let that happen to you!
  • Integrated Wireless EMV readers for Pay at the Table for the ultimate in card payment security. Using wireless terminals allow your guest to pay at the table with the credit card never leaving their hands.
  • Integrated Credit Card Servers and bartenders can accept credit cards for partial payments, split a check between multiple customers, and authorize a sale by simply swiping the card after placing the order.
  • Preauthorize Credit Cards for tabs. Digital Dining will preauthorize the patrons card so you do not have to hold the card at the bar!
  • Digital Dining has successfully achieved compliance with the Payment Application Best Practices (PABP) benchmark
  • Digital Dining's Letter of Acceptance click here
  • Call us today at 1-800-863-2274 for more information about how Digital Dining keeps you safe and sound.

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