Digital Dining Inventory Control Features

Digital Dining features an Optional Inventory Control Module. Tracking inventory is too hard and takes too much time… not anymore! With DIGITAL DINING,menu items and their recipes are automatically reduced each time your server pays a guest check. Stock taking is simplified with printed forms that help you identify variances immediately and take corrective measures promptly. Ordering and receiving stock is even easier ... Suggested reorders are saved for incoming invoices, immediately updating stock and calculating new costs. DIGITAL DINING provides the critical information you need to reduce waste, lower food costs, and increase profits effortlessly.

Digital Dining features an Optional Reservations Module

  • Menu item recipes (created in the Back Office program) tie sales at the POS to the Inventory program. When a staff member orders a menu item, the POS tracks the sale. During end-of-day processing, the Back Office program automatically deducts the appropriate amount of inventory.
  • Create any pack size (for example, case, bottle, or ounce) for items. Therefore, you can purchase items from different vendors even if the vendors do not sell them in the same pack size.
  • Associate inventory items with several different vendors
  • Store inventory items in several different restaurant locations, which allows you to track which locations use which items and in what quantities. For each location, the items can have a different par and reorder levels.
  • Handheld Stock Takes Use the same handheld PC that you use at the POS to take inventory. Let the handheld do the calculations for each of your item entry purchase counts, storage and usage units, or any combination. The handheld PC eliminates double-entries and greatly reduces data entry errors faster than ever before.
  • Scalability DIGITAL DINING's versatile Inventory features allow you to maintain an operation of any size, whether it is a small tavern or multiple dining rooms in a large hotel. If you need to track multiple profit centers, kitchens, or bars, DIGITAL DINING's Inventory features have the tools to meet your restaurant's needs.
  • Key Items The old “80/20 Rule” applies to most restaurants' inventories. That is, 20 percent of the items in your inventory represent 80 percent of the cost. Use the Key Items feature to “tag” and track the 20 percent of your inventory items that account for 80 percent of the cost of your sales.
  • Download a Brochure for the Digital Dining Inventory Control Module