Datacap NETePay Credit Card Software

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Product Description

Datcap's NETePay™ allows Point of Sale (POS) software the ability to interface to your merchant services. Most all POS system require software such as NETePay to be the middleware between your POS system and your credit card payments (Merchant Services). NETePay runs in the background handling the transactions and communicating seamlessly between the POS and Merchant services. You won't even know that it is there doing all the heavy lifting.

NETePay offers one, simple integration to support virtually every US processor and a growing list of EMV ready and enabled hardware. Following is a partial list of all the processors NETePay works with.

Datacap NETePay Credit Card Software

If you have questions please give us a call at 1-800-863-2274 In order to fill your order we will require a VAR sheet in advance and need to know the POS system you will be using the software with. Our prices do not include support with integration to your point of sale system. You will need to work with your POS VAR for installation if you are not doing by yourself.

If you are currently looking for a point of sale system we recommend Cash Register Express Point of Sale system with inventory control

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