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Product Description

The Datacap IPTran adds the ability to accept credit cards and gift cards directly on your cash register. When you add the EMV ready IPTran to your SAM4s cash register you can throw your old standalone credit card terminal away.

To accept EMV chipped cards on your SAM4s cash register you will need to add the VX-805 pin pad to your Datacap IPTran LT. The VX-805 will ready Chipped cards, swiped cards, EBT and Debit cards. Built in credit card readers on SAM4s cash registers do not read EMV chipped cards.

Additional benefits of having an interfaced system is eliminating costly keying errors as well as greatly reducing the risk of cashier fraud. Your checkout lines will move faster too. Customers hate slow long lines and when you have an interfaced system your lines are simply faster because the cashiers are no longer having to rekey each transaction into a standalone credit card machine.

The Datacap IPTran is designed for one cash register or POS terminal only. If you have more than one register at the same location you may want to take a look at the Multi Lane Datacap TwinTran cash register credit card interface

Please note prices shown do not include technical support for installing device on your cash register. This support is available for an additional fee. The average cash register install would be one to two hours of chargeable support. If you are replacing an existing Datacap in most cases it is very simple and you may not require support.

*Please note if you do on your own we simply ship you the products and no support is included. If you select the basic support we will help you attach to your register and provide basic programming (all over the phone). If you have a more complicated system you may require additional support.

VX-805 for SAM4s cash register

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