Verifone VX-805 Pin Pad for SAM4s cash registers

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Product Description

The VeriFone VX-805 is the Pin Pad required to make your SAm4s cash register accept EMV chipped credit cards. Of course the Pin Pad does not do it all alone you will also require to select the correct Datacap Tran Interface.

The VX-805 Pin Pad will accept EMV Chipped Credit Cards, EBT Benefit Cards, Pin Based Debit Cards and of course the traditional mag striped Credit Cards.

Most newer SAM4s cash registers are capable of accepting the EMV chipped cards making you compliant with the EMV liability rules. You will also need to order the correct Tran interface for your application too. For a single register you will want to order a Single Lane EMV Ready Datacap IPTran Cash Register Credit Card Interface with or without gift card support. If your store has two or more registers and they are connected to one another you will want to order the EMV Ready Multi-Lane Credit Card Interface for SAM4s cash registers which can also be order with or without gift card support.

Navigating the world of interfacing credit card payments directly to your cash register can become a little confusing but it does not have to be. We are experts at turning your SAM4s cash register into a credit card terminal too. We can guide you through the process and even recommend you to a merchant services company too if you are looking.

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