PC Poll Cash Register Software

PC Poll allows you to connect a PC to your SAM4s cash register either directly, Ethernet or even over the internet. There are many reasons to do this, for one programming SAM4s cash registers can be even easier on a PC. Another compelling and time saving reason is to have historical data of your cash register sales reports. Keep in mind a cash register performs a daily Z, Monthly Z, and a few have a few more levels. When you take those reports they print and are gone, there is no going back to retrieve that data should you need them. If you had used PC Poll to retrieve (poll) the reports to a computer you now have sales reports sortable by date. This is a huge advancement in cash register reporting.

PC Poll v7 has many enhanced features, including:

*Optional QuickBooks Interface. Quickly Transfer program and report data to QuickBooksTM

*Uses a Checkbox to quickly select programs to save, to send or reports to poll.

*Create custom scripts for reporting and downloading, schedules and set up the calendar for automatic polling options.

*Define classes for quick sorting and searching options, along with optional software settings makes finding crucial sales data in a timely fashion.

*Greatly expands the reporting functions of your cash register. Now with PC Poll you can take reports over date ranges, unlike a cash register daily Z.

*Connect to your cash register or registers directly or over the internet.

*Add scheduled sale prices for items .

*Print your own barcode labels directly to Avery brand labels and barcode printers

*Back up and clone cash registers.

PC Poll also allows you to migrate UPC or other data from an older legacy cash register into a modern state of the art SAM4s cash register. Don't waste all the hours of programming in your old register, use PC Poll to upload your old cash registers UPC files and move them into your new cash register. That alone is often worth the cost of PC Poll not to mention the other features PC Poll brings to the table.

Ate National Business Systems, we are PC Poll experts and regardless of where you are in the country we can assist you in the deployment and use of PC Poll. Call us at 800-863-2274

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