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Engage customers with a self serve Kiosk

Kiosk POS terminals for Restaurants are changing the game in the Seattle restaurant scene. Now, you can serve more guests without bogging down your employees when you use a self-order kiosk system. Leverage the most modern tablet technology available and get the tools you need to engage with guests in more ways. Whether you use it as your primary ordering system, or to supplement your staff during busy hours, you can offer more customer conveniences and achieve better profits when you implement self-order kiosk systems in your restaurant.

Advantages of Self-Order Kiosk Systems

How Kiosks Benefit Your Business

Our easy to use simple kiosk software prompts guest through the ordering process accurately while allowing them to select add-ons. When it's time to pay our kiosk accepts credit card payments for orders. Customers using Self Order Kiosk love the fact they bypass those long counter lines for faster, more accurate order entry.

  • Improved Accuracy - let guests input their own orders, with their own modifiers and instructions to ensure orders are always 100% accurate.
  • Increase sales - leverage increased upselling opportunities by utilizing upselling prompts with every transaction.
  • Faster Service - bust lines and serve customers quickly by allowing them to place their own orders at the kiosk.
  • Lower Costs - serve more customers without having to bring on additional labor resources, and free up employee hands.
  • Better customer satisfaction - give guests the benefit of skipping the lines and having more control over their own orders.
  • Features of Self-Order Kiosk Systems

    Unlock the Tools You Need for Increased Sales

    • Customer data capture and insights
    • Upselling prompts
    • Easy, intuitive ordering
    • Interactive display showing meal options
    • Fast order entry
    • Easy reorder based on customer favorites

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