Restaurant Kiosk POS

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Kiosk POS terminals for Restaurants are changing the game. Serve more guest with less staff when you use a Kiosk Point of Sale designed for restaurants. Leveraging modern tablet technology gives you the tools you need to engage with guest in more ways. Kiosk can be a part of your approach or the entire system depending on your concept.

Our easy to use simple kiosk software prompts guest through the ordering process accurately while allowing them to select add-ons. When it's time to pay our kiosk accepts credit card payments for orders. Customers using Self Order Kiosk love the fact they bypass those long counter lines for faster, more accurate order entry.

Just look at some of the benefits of using a Kiosk

  • Improved Accuracy as guests take full control and responsibility for their orders
  • Increase your sales with kiosks. Your capacity to service more guests during peak periods without increasing cashiers.
  • Improve your services time with kiosk software because they are intuitive and simple to use the first time, allowing each kiosk to service more guests.
  • You can lower labor costs by reducing employees taking orders.
  • Allocate your labor where you need it when you don't require as many front of the house employees. Shift focus to attention on delivering the highest quality product.
  • Capture guest data giving you insights into what they buy.
  • Our easy ordering allows guest to build a new meal or reorder their favorite from history.
  • Increase profit when guest add on products and up sell themselves using our interactive display showing meal options and addons.

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