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Introducing the Heartland Restaurant Point of Sale system. Leveraging the easy to use and popular iPad along with cloud technology our Heartland Restaurant Point of Sale system empowers you by using as iPads for tableside ordering which can reduce staff turnover and increase tips. The also can increase guest satisfaction resulting in more return visits. There are many more clear benefits for the restaurant staff and owners including increased security, streamlined processes, faster table turns and checkout times. The result will be happier customers because this technology reduces human error and increases your visibility with existing and potential customers. Heartland Restaurant Point of Sale is for restaurants succeeding by moving forward, adopting the latest technology and engaging customers at every level.

Heartland Restaurant point of sale system table side ordering

Using the powerful Heartland Restaurant Point of Sale System not only streamlines your restaurant but it brings you features to serve your guest like never before. Our Tableside Ordering allows your servers to stay engaged with your guest bringing higher ticket averages and happier guest. Many restaurants that have already begun using a tablet to take orders at the table are reporting incredible results such as higher ticket averages, increased tipping, less stressed servers and other positive developments. Some restaurants have been able to reduce staff just because servers are more engaged with guest because they are not constantly running to a traditional server station to input an order. Our tablet restaurant POS terminals are just the beginning of how your restaurant can harness modern technology to increase sales, increase visibility, reduce cost and employ a system that grows and adapts with your business. For more information please visit Take a deeper dive into our POS Features

splitting guest checks on heartland restaurant pos

No longer will your servers get frustrated splitting checks. With the Heartland Restaurant Point of Sale servers use our efficient and easy-to-use check splitting functionality. Servers will be empowered to split checks evenly or by seat often with just a single tap of the iPad. Even splits payments are a breeze by using any combination of media such as cash, credit cards, and gift cards. Servers will just love how easy it is to move menu items while minimizing touches. Not to mention that the server will be right in front of the table great reducing errors and upsetting guest by getting it wrong. Just another way table side ordering keeps your guest and servers happy!

Heartland Restaurant point of sale system table layouts

Heartland Restaurant Point of Sale also manages your wait list The fully integrated Host Waitlist management system with integrated text messaging eliminates those bulky table pages and replaces them by sending text directly to your guest cell phone. Features include the ability to add your guest to the list when they arrive. Then you can alert them by text when their table is ready. You can easily manage guest and tables even merging items from the bar to their dining room table.

Heartland Restaurant point of sale system online ordering

Online Ordering will attract new guest and retain existing customers too. Heartland's Restaurant Point of Sale includes Online Ordering built right in. Yes, that's right you won't have to use a third party incurring more cost. With our system there is no per order fee and it is built in with your system. Using the same menu item database you will operate your own online ordering site. This will save you money making you more competitive in an industry that you need to stand out. your customers the ability to order from anywhere with a user-friendly interface styled to fit your brand. Online Ordering will enhance your visibility with your customers and takes only minutes to setup and configure. Your on-line ordering site will be mobile responsive for guest using a smartphone or desktop. This is just another example of how Heartland Restaurant Point of Sale will set you apart from everyone else. Build your brand and stay engaged with your clients.

Heartland Restaurant pos mobile online ordering

Our Online Ordering will let you attract people using smartphones and tablets. That is because as many as thirty percent of online ordering users will not complete their purchase if your site is not mobile friendly. With Heartland's Restaurant POS that is already taken care of so no need to worry. Because online ordering is such a fast emerging market you want to ensure you are using the right tools to capture your piece of this fast growing market. Whether your guest uses a smartphone, tablet or desktop you will already have the best tools in the industry to keep those customers coming back to you!

Heartland Restaurant point of sale guest engagement application

Set your restaurant apart from the competition with the Heartland Restaurant Point of Sale Guest Engagement App. This mobile app allows your guest to skip the line and even pay their guest check with their own iPhone or Android phone. Other features would allow guest to store a favorite order and re-order with the click of the phone screen! Everyone one is busy today and guest are going to frequent a restaurant that values their time and shows them that by empowering them with modern technology that enhances customer service. Click here for more information on our Heartland Restaurant Point of Sale Engagement Application

Heartland Restaurant point of sale guest self order kiosk

Compete with the big chains with your own self ordering kiosk. Heartland Restaurant Point of Sale offer Self Order Kiosk which is an in-store, customer facing interface that allows customers to place an order on their own. Kiosk have been proven to increase sales while reducing labor cost. Find out more about our self serve kiosk.

Packed with standard POS features as well as emerging technology Heartland Restaurant Point of Sale keeps your restaurant competitive attracting new guest and staff. For more information please don't hesitate to contact us. We are the Seattle Tacoma area value added re seller of the Heartland Restaurant Point of Sale system. We can be reached at 800-863-2274.


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