Heartland Restaurant Point of Sale Features

Heartland restaurant pos features

The premium Cloud POS for Restaurants from Heartland utilizes the power, simplicity and affordability of the popular Apple iPad hardware combined with cloud technology resulting in our state of the art point of sale system designed for a variety of restaurant concepts. We believe a point of sale system should be more than just another cost. It should be considered an investment resulting in a healthy return on investment. We can show you just how the Heartland Restaurant Point of Sale system can increase your restaurantís sales and profitability with a small upfront cost and a simple monthly fee.

Let's take a deeper dive into with our powerful POS features:

Heartland Restaurant point of sale system table side ordering on iPad

With Tableside Ordering you will Increase customer satisfaction and your servers will love it. Servers will delight in being able to input orders directly from the table. That means guest orders are being prepared while the server is still on the floor taking orders. Let's not forget to mention your orders will be more accurate because the server is in front of the customer. Servers won't waste time writing down orders just to renter at a terminal when they are using an iPad right at the table. Everyone will be happier and you will turn more tables and possibly produce a higher check average with the server engaged more often. Your only regret will be why did you not start using this system sooner!

Heartland Restaurant point of sale system guest check splitting feature

Our sophisticated, simplistic way we can split guest checks makes your serversí job easier Heartland's cloud based point of sale system for restaurants offers intuitive, easy-to-use guest check splitting. No longer will your servers be frustrated splitting checks like they were on a clunky legacy system. Now servers can split checks by guest or evenly with a single touch. We don't stop there, now with the guest check split they can be tendered with any combination of cash, credit cards, and gift cards. Using modern technology like an iPad just makes your servers more efficient resulting in happy guest of course! To recap our system empowers your servers to split by seat, even splits, uneven splits while allowing unlimited payments per split or even undoing splits just as easily

Heartland Restaurant point of sale system table map feature

Our system features customized room layouts also known as a table map. The table map feature helps you quickly seat guest and keep tabs on the guest status. You will know if their check has been paid, or perhaps they have items on hold. The table map is very easy to configure and allows you to configure different rooms or areas. You can even seat guest from the wait list to a table by simply dragging the guest name and dropping on an open table. Need a bigger table? No problem you can combine tables on the fly. The room layout feature is yet another in a long list of features Heartland's Restaurant Point of Sale system offers you in one very affordable package.

Heartland Restaurant point of sale system guest can pay at the table

The Scan to Pay feature of Heartland's Restaurant Point of Sale system will really set you apart from other restaurants. Once your guest have downloaded your restaurants guest engagement application the can use the Scan to Pay feature. This feature alone will really elevate guest satisfaction because it enables them to pay their guest check directly one their own phone including leaving a tip. We have all been there and understand the frustration of being ready to leave but the server is so busy with other guest your check has not been closed. No longer is this an issue, your guest simply logs into their app and pays the check off and is on their way! This is the kind of feature that puts space between just a POS system and the Heartland Restaurant point of sale system.

As you can see our Heartland Restaurant Point of Sale system is far more than just a system for entering orders and collecting payments. Our system is going to increase your visibility and reach to current and potential customers. How, you might be asking? Well our system includes features that expand your reach with online ordering just for one example. Our online ordering system is built in and you won't pay more for it giving you an edge over competitors. Maybe you want to jump into the delivery market. The Heartland restaurant Point of Sale system includes delivery at no additional cost. This allows you to build your customer base not a third party delivery services. Call us today to get more information or to schedule a demonstration 800-863-2274

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