QSR Kitchen Video System

National Business Systems, Inc. has been installing and supporting the robust QSR kitchen video system. The QSR system pairs very well with Digital Dining. If you think Kitchen Video is only for quick service restaurants you may want to take another look at Kitchen Automation with QSR and National Business Systems.

QSR's Kitchen Video system also knows as the ConnectSmart Kitchen is the worldwide leader in kitchen automation technology. At National Business Systems we use the QSR ConnectSmart Kitchen video system to bring you a dynamic and flexible solution to the demanding and busy kitchen - enhancing productivity and profit to help provide substantial support and assistance to busy kitchens and team members. When meals are ordered, chefs can view the order on kitchen screens and determine which food items to focus on, taking into consideration prep times of each so all items for a table complete at the same time. All front of house staff have access to real time production information. Corporate management can capture analytical data on food preparation to further improve their service. Downloads & Details

We can help you with a QSR system regardless of which POS system you use. Please give us a call to schedule a time to visit our office located between Seattle and Tacoma to discuss how NBS, Inc and QSR can change the way food comes out of your kitchen. Table service or Quick Service QSR takes you to the next level.

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QSR Kitchen Video

QSR Kitchen Video

QSR kitchen video with Digital Dining POS will help you increase your customer satisfaction by increasing accuracy and speed. Even being served a few minutes sooner can really do a lot to increase the enjoyment of your patrons experience.

Find out how our team of restaurant POS professionals can help you automate your kitchen with Digital Dining and the QSR system. Call us at 1-800-863-2274