Heartland Mobile Manager

Heartland Mobile Manager for POS

Mobile Manager is a Android and iOS Application that allows you to monitor your restaurant from your smart phone. The Mobile Manager App allows you to view all of your POS data, in real-time, based on settings and thresholds you have set up. You will have the ability to even view, sort or even share the details of live guest checks via email and text with managers if you would like.

How long have you been wanting to monitor activity while you are away. You will love being notified in real time if something happens at the restaurant that you want to be made aware of and its all done automatically. As an example you can set up the system to text you immediately if a large void happened or perhaps a check was re-opened. You will know exactly who applied a void, on which check and will even be able to drill down into that check. Bottom line is you can get the control you need from whenever you are. You won't even need to be looking for certain items, the App tells you about it!

Here are just some of the benefits you will gain using the Heartland Mobile Manager Application:

  • Maintain complete control over your restaurant all the time
  • Guard against loss due to theft or improper discounting, your staff won't have any idea you were notified even if you are on the other side of the world.
  • Your restaurant will be running smoothly like it does when you are there.
  • You will be able to notified immediately in order to respond and deal with problems at any of your locations.
  • Have your finger on the pulse of your restaurants performance from anywhere
  • You will be alerted to undesirable trends and fraudulent activities

Heartland's Mobile Manager works with the vast majority of the Heartland family of POS products such as Digital Dining, Dinerware and Cash Register Express. For more information please contact us at 800-863-2274