Digital Dining POS on Mobile

Digital Dining is one of the only point of sale systems that operates on Mobile POS devices as well as traditional terminals all inside the same system. One of the nice aspects of using Digital Dining whether on a mobile POS device or a combination or terminals you only have to learn one. Yes that is right our Digital Dining Mobile POS terminals work just like the stationary terminals. Servers can hop back and forth from cocktail server to table server in the same day on the same system, even during the same shift, no problem. It's like we like to say, just grab and go!

Feel free to use anything from Apple to a Windows Tablet handheld device. Itís your choice what to use because Digital Dining allows you the freedom to design the best system for your restaurant. That is because Digital Dining will automatically adjust graphics to the highest resolution possible regardless of the terminal size. We even have customers taking orders on iPODs, yes a tiny tiny iPOD that you used to listen to music on. Because Digital Dining is a very mature POS system this is not our first Rodeo, which is why you will get the best in POS when you select Digital Dining Mobile POS.

We invite you to schedule a time to come by our Seattle Tacoma area office where we have been selling and supporting POS in Washington state for a very long time, call us at 1-800-863-2274 and if you can't make it to the office we can come to your restaurant.