Digital Dining Hardware Options

Digital Dining restaurant point of sale system brings a lot of flexibility to the table. Because every restaurant is different Digital Dining allows you to select the best mix of hardware for your POS system. Maybe you have a few traditional terminals paired with mobile devices like an iPad or Windows Tablet for the cocktail servers or on the deck.

Digital Dining allows your POS system to reflect the personality of your restaurant. Maybe you want sleek wall mounted POS terminals or perhaps you sell retail goods like t-shirts and hats and require a terminal with a bar code scanner and customer display. Using Digital Dining you could have Traditional, Mobile, retail and even Kiosk terminals all in the same system. Don't let another system shape you, let us come in with Digital Dining and design the POS around you and your needs.

All things considered you have a system with more upside and scalability then other mobile POS systems. Anther important factor is with Digital Dining the traditional terminals work just like the mobile terminal. No learning curve when you want to go mobile, just grab and go!

Using Digital Dining's mobile POS system you will keep your servers out in front of your customers providing faster service and additional sales. If you are interested in finding out how Digital Dining Mobile POS will work for you give our Seattle area office a call at 1-800-863-2274 and we can schedule a time to show you the system in person.

POS Hardware Choices

We invite you to visit us at our Seattle Tacoma office to look at the many different POS terminals we have to offer. The Digital Dining system allows you to think outside the box and we are here to implement the system correctly.