Digital Dining Mobile POS for Restaurants

Digital Dining Mobile POS Terminals, just Grab and Go

If you are looking for a mobile restaurant POS terminal in the Seattle Tacoma area then call us at 1-800-863-2274 to schedule a demonstration for the Digital Dining Mobile POS system. Digital Dining's mobile POS solution can increase your restaurant’s overall performance, streamline its efficiencies, and of course increase profits.

Mobile Handheld POS terminals allow servers to take and fire orders in high volume restaurants without ever leaving your guest because they are no longer running to and from a stationary terminal. Digital Dining Mobile POS is fully integrated with DIGITAL DINING’s standard stationary terminals, so you can add it to existing systems quickly and easily. Our user interface is consistent with the standard POS, so servers can start using it with almost no extra training. With our mobile terminals it is just Grab and Go. The mobile POS also strengthens existing features, such as “item out alternatives,” by enabling servers to provide immediate feedback to customers. The Handheld POS also supports mobile credit card swipe devices, so servers can complete credit card transactions without ever removing the card from the customer’s sight – see more about how Digital Dining can protect you from Identify Theft.

Whether you want to use an iPad or Windows Tablet Digital Dining can do it all. Many of our restaurant POS clients use both mobile terminals and stationary touch screens at some stations. Maybe you only want to use hand held mobile POS terminals during the summer when the deck is open?

Unlike other Mobile POS systems Digital Dining does not require the internet to operate, just your local WI-FI. Don't be victim to a poor internet connection. We have probably all been to restaurants and stores now that could not use their POS systems because their Internet was down. Not with Digital Dining.

Digital Dining mobile POS terminals can work hand in hand with stationary terminals so you can have the best of both worlds. Maybe you want stationary terminals in the dining room and mobile terminals on the patio or sidewalk seating. Give us a call to set up a demo of how Digital Dining POS can help you out.