Xenial Guest List Online reservations and in-store seating management

Xenial Guest List is a complete restaurant front-of-house management system that just makes sense. Your staff is going to love this. Your customers will even be able to book their own reservation directly from your website or by texting! Call us right away at 1-800-863-2274 for more information. We can have you up and running on Xenial Guest List in very little time. You won't know how you ever got along without it.

Xenial Guest List reservation and wait list application

With Xenial Guest List you can Stop paying staff or other services to do something you can do yourself with Xenial Guest List. Put a widget on your website that will book reservations out of your real-time inventory that feeds directly into the main Freshtxt app.

Xenial Guest List will generate wait times based on the real time activity in your restaurant at that second. Custom seating preferences, notes, and more give you serious control. Check people in from an iPad or smartphone, and call them back with a text message from a different device. All devices sync at all times.

Using Xenial Guest List you will seamlessly move parties from the wait list to a table. Freshtxt can even suggest a table or a section to maximize efficiency while at the same time being fair to your staff. Simple to learn and use but powerful enough to manage even the busiest of locations.

We offer local support because we are right here in Washington State we maybe able to come on site unlike other companies that can only help via phone or email. We have been right here in the Seattle Tacoma area offer restaurant solutions since 1972

For more information please download the Information on Xenial Guest List