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Heartland Restaurant Point of Sale is built for today’s Pandemic challenges. Order from this offer and receive a free iPad!

  • On Line Ordering
  • Contactless Payments
  • Kiosk
  • Order by App!
  • Loyalty
  • iPad and Cloud Based

We come on site to install and get you running! We program the system for you and installation and training is done right at your restaurant in-person! Please use the form below to request a free no obligation virtual or in-person demonstration, which will qualify you for a free iPad if you decide to sign up for the Heartland Restaurant Point of Sale system.

What is Omni-channel?

At its core, the Heartland Retail Point of Sale system is defined as a multi-channel – all channels – sales approach that provides customers with an integrated shopping experience. We all know that we can't rely on in-store purchases only in most cases. That is why streamlining your in person retail POS with your online presence with one another. With the Heartland Retail system your customers can be shopping online from a desktop computer, lap top, tablet, smartphone or in person in your store.

What does this mean to you? Well it means using Heartland Retail Point of Sale will empower your business to be omni-channel without sacrificing features. You can accomplish this because Heartland Retail will be communicating with your online store from Shopify, BigCommerce or Mageneto

How does your business benefit from using Heartland Retail point of sale and offering your clients an offering Omni-Channel experience?

  • Make More Sales
  • Never Run Out Of Stock
  • Strengthen Brand Loyalty
  • Marketing Made Easy
  • Data At Your Figertips
  • Enhanced Productivity

Powerful and Flexible - Retail POS by Heartland

Because Heartland Retail is cloud based it empowers you with real time sales tracking. You will know what you have in stock across all your channels like in your store and your website. That way your customers won't be buying items on your website that aren't in stock. Keep your customers happy by making sure what they want to order is in stock. No one likes to place an order only to find out later it was never available in the first place.

We go past the basics of point of sale by building a robust CRM (customer relationship management). This built in customer marketing tool allows you to communicate in a meaningful way with your existing customers. Building a relationship with your existing clients leads to additional sales and brand loyalty.

To tie the entire experience together Heartland Retail includes tools like Purchasing and Receiving. You will be able to create purchase orders on the fly. Now you will have the items your clients have been buying in stock. As a store owner you will have the tools to enable you to negotiate with your vendors because your will have the data of an items history through your store from the time you ordered it until it was sold. All this data is available to you in real time wherever you are.

Interested in learning more about how Omnichannel can take your business to the next level? Simply call us in our Seattle Office at 800-863-2274 or 253-839-9636 or of course use the contact us form and we will call or email you back ASAP.