NCC Reflections Restaurant POS System

National Business Systems, Inc. is very proud to have partnered with NCC Reflections POS systems for restaurants. We feel the same thing that attracted our POS experts to NCC as a product will also impress you. What we found was that NCC Reflection POSŪ is the most reliable POS management system available, for a specific reason.

The reason NCC is so durable and reliable is because NCC can use an embedded operating system is resistant to spyware and viruses. Yes that is right, this is a POS system that operates on it's own OS. This provides speed, reliability, and a cost savings not found in other POS systems.

Of course NCC POS for restaurants can also work on Windows and in some cases with add on options it can be required, however why do you need the expense and complexity of Windows if it can be avoided.

NCC Reflections for restaurants has all the features you are looking for without the baggage so many other systems bring to the table. Whether you are looking for stationary terminals or mobile terminals NCC has you covered now and for the long run.

For more information please feel free to give us a call at 800-863-2274

Please click here to Download NCC POS for restaurants