Tabby Mobile POS System

The Tabby Mobile POS system is breaking new ground in the Tablet POS industry. The Tabby is self contained and DOES NOT REQUIRE internet and has no monthly fees. Feel Free to call us at 1-800-863-2274 so we can discuss whether the Tabby Mobile POS system would work for you or stop by our Seattle Tacoma area office.

Unleash the real potential of mobile devices by connecting to the Tabby POS system. Use any mobile device you would like to with an approved browser. iPhone, Android Tablets and stationary terminals work with the Tabby to bring you an affordable system.

Tabby Advantages include among others. Tabby does not rely on tablet or device resources. No application to install – adding or replacing a tablet, mobile device or workstation terminal can be done “out of the box”. Simply open your browser and enter Tabby’s IP address. Remote management is inherently ready. No Internet is required, but an internet connection may be desired for electronic payment processing, emailed reports or remote access.

With the Tabby mobile POS system, simply connect Tabby to a wireless router. Tabby then runs on any browser capable tablet or phone device regardless of operating system, including PCs, mobile devices or tablets. Use Tabby to register sales, print receipts, and record payments. The Tabby Back office provides store management tools, database maintenance, stock entry and management reports.

Mobile POS from Tabby does more then free you from traditional POS systems Tabby also frees you from an internet connection and long term monthly payments. Most Tablet point of sale systems lock you into a long term payment deal and dependence on the internet. And what happens to your data when you decide you don't want to pay monthly for the rest of your life? Tabby give you choices and flexibility.

Tabby Mobile POS