Xenial Email Marketing

Xenial Email Marketing for Digital Dining and Xenial POS

Xenial Email Marketing

Unlike other CRM's or mass Email systems you might be familiar with Xenial Email Marketing takes marketing to the next level. You might be asking yourself how is that? Don't all email system send graphic emails to your customer list? The answer of course is yes but do the rest of them tie your emails to your POS system to see who is using your offers, creating valuable one-time use coupons like Xenial Email Marketing does? The answer of course is NO they don't unless you use Xenial.

How Does Xenial Email Marketing Work?

  • Easy to collect sign-ups to grow your email list (CRM)
  • Xenial Email Marketing is interfaced to your Digital Dining or Xenial POS system via the cloud. Once a customer uses an offer the POS instantly reports and removes that coupon from circulation.
  • Easily create and send targeted email messages with unique coupons. These coupons or offers can be one-time only use offers. Yes that is right, if you offer your loyal customer a BOGO it can only be used once.
  • You can measure each campaign’s (email) performance in your dashboard. You will receive instant feedback regarding your email.
  • You will see dollars generated by your campaigns while reducing fraud with one-time offers
  • Streamline your marketing and grow your business for one small cost.

Find out more about the Xenial Email Marketing system by calling us at 800-863-2274 or viewing or downloading additional information on the Xenial Email Marketing system here