SAM4s ER-920 Cash Register

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Free Credit Card Interface available with this cash register

Product Description

SAM4s ER-920

The SAM4s ER-920 is a great entry level cash register for all types of food service establishments. End-users like the large flat keyboard that allows you to have your menu items right on the keyboard for quick and accurate selling.

A single station thermal receipt printer makes this a very durable and fast cash register. Most consumers admit when polled that they will leave a store if the lines are too long. With the ER-920 you can avoid long lines while making sure items are being sold for the right price. If you require a cash register with a receipt and journal you should be looking at the SAM4s ER-940 Cash Register instead

If you want to make your check out process even faster and more accurate add integrated credit card payments to your cash register. Yes that is right the ER-920 can accept credit card directly including EMV transactions with many merchant services companies. If you don't think that integrating credit card payments is important please take the time to audit your cash register and credit card terminal after a busy day. Most operators will find a large number of mistakes were made in the customers favor that no one caught. How many $19.95 sales turn into $1.95 when cashiers are forced to re-enter the amount of the sale into a standalone credit card terminal? How many times does that need to happen to justify integrating your register to payments?

There are many other options available with this register that will save time and money. Features like the SD card port for backing up your program or receipt on demand which saves paper and time.

Give us a call and we can help you decide if this is the right cash register for your business. That is the difference with us, we are cash register experts and can help ensure you buy the right model. Find out for yourself when you call us at 1-800-863-2274

Connect an EMV Credit Card Terminal to your ER-920

EMV Credit Card Terminal

You eliminate mistakes and lessen the possibility of fraud when you connect your cash register to your pin pad. Busy cashiers can make mistakes if they have to transfer the amount of the sale to the credit card terminal. You won't have those mistakes when you connect the two. SAM4s cash registers work with almost every major credit card provider in the country. Give us a call at 800-863-2274 to discuss your options.

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