SAM4s ER-925 Cash Register

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Add Barcode Scanner w/cable: 
Add Credit Card Interface: 
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Add Formatted SD Card for Back Up and Transfers: 
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Free Credit Card Interface available with this cash register

Product Description

SAM4s ER-925 Cash Register

The SAM4s ER-925 is a great cash register designed for all types of retail stores. Some of the things that make this cash register suited for retail applications are the raised buttons which work well when keying in prices or UPC numbers and the five bill, five coin heavy duty cash drawer.

This cash register allows you to add features to speed up you lines even more and keep the customers flowing like bar code scanning, speed tendering keys, EBT sorting and even integrated credit card payments for the ultimate in speed and accuracy.

Connect an EMV Credit Card Terminal to your ER-925 register

EMV Credit Card Terminal

Make sure you take the time to learn about all the reasons you should connect your SAM4s cash register with your pin pad. The main reason is because it stops costly keying mistakes when cashiers have to reenter the sale amount into the credit card machine. Do you know how easy it is for a busy cashier to enter in $1.95 instead of $19.95? Do you know often that happens in your business? Stop worrying and interface the two devices. Call us at 800-863-2274 to talk about your options and why this makes sense.

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