Cash Register Express Mobile Inventory Application

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Product Description

Mobile Inventory Application for your Cash Register Express

How about managing your store's inventory from your smart phone. Well, with Cash register Express you can do that! Anyone that has ever managed an inventory knows how powerful a tool this is. We have all been there right, you're in the stock room counting a new shipment and comparing it to the purchase order and you still have to take that to the office PC to finish. Not anymore, take your smartphone out with your Mobile Inventory Application and start entering your inventory from right there. Maybe you are walking down one of your store's aisles and you want to check inventory levels of a popular item, no problem, again using your smart phone scan the item's bar code with the phone's camera and in second you know how many of these items you have in the store.

How many Mobile Applications do you want? Yes, this is a real question because with our mobile inventory app you can have as many users on it that you would like, even with the one subscription. You can totally empower managers, or cashiers if you would like with the Mobile App so they can manage the aspects of your inventory you want them to. Just imagine how freeing this feature is to get the information you want right there in the middle of the store, in your stock room or anywhere in your store. This is the freedom Cash Register Express can give you.

You have questions, we have answers. Do you want to add the Mobile Inventory Application to your POS system but need more details? Give us a call at 800-863-2274 or feel free to email us any questions you have. We will help you decide if this is a great tool for your business or not.

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