Cash Register Express Bundle Single Terminal

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Product Description

This is a turnkey Cash Register Express Bundle with Hardware and Software

This bundle is everything you need to start with a single terminal system. Our basic package includes a small form factor PC, 15" Touch Screen, a bar code scanner, a thermal receipt printer, and a five bill five coin cash drawer. We have also listed as options the common options like customer display, bar code printer and support options.

This POS Bundle comes ready to start using as soon as you take it out of the box and set up. We will make certain everything is configured and working together like the receipt printer, scanner etc. All you will need to do is start entering your inventory, sales tax rate and store polices etc. If you require help with that, no problem we can provide that too. Some customers even have us set up much of the system data in advance including importing an inventory database, there are additional fees for that so please contact us if you need those services.

If you will be adding integrated credit card payments to your system, we can assist you with that too. It is normal today of course to integrate your POS system with credit card payments. A couple considerations for you to consider is, who will you use for merchant services? What type of pin pad would you like to use, will use accept signature cards only, or do you also want to accept pin based debit cards as well. If you sell grocery items will you want to accept EBT cards? We can help you navigate all those questions and even help connect you with a merchant processor if you don't already have one. This basic bundle price does not include the cost of the credit card interface or pin pad, but that is something else that we can help you with.

Do you need help deciding on the right POS bundle If you do please feel free to contact us at 800-863-2274 or email us your questions. It is a big decision and you should talk to people that do POS for a living like us.

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