Samsung ER-5115 II Cash Register

Simple heavy duty cash register with receipt and journal printer. Prints on bond paper not thermal.
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Product Description

Compatible with popular RS-232C options. 2 station, 9 pin bi-directional dot-matrix printing. 5, expabdable to 15 programmable departments. 1,000 price look-ups (PLUs) with inventory. Cash, check, and 2 charge tendering keys. Four clerks or cashiers. 12 character department, clerk, and PLU descriptors. 21 character, 6 line programmable receipt message. 3 menu levels. 5 macro keys. Transaction cancel Food stamp sorting and tendering. Gallonage calculation. Add check or tray subtotal. Enforced validation. Hash departments. Daily sales report for 31 days.

If you are looking for a cash register that can validate and has both a receipt and journal printer this is the only one on the market. The SAM4s 5115-II uses BOND paper not thermal printer. Because it uses bond paper it requires an ink ribbon.

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