SAM4s Cash Drawer Rollers


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Product Description

Set of four SAM4s cash drawer rollers for the popular cash register drawers model #'s 57, 60, 41, 23, 5 and 6. The vast majority of SAM4s cash registers use either a model 57 or 60 drawer. Most have a large sticker on the front of the cash drawer identifying the model.

Although they are very tough from time to time you may need to replace these rollers to keep your cash drawer opening smoothly. You might as well replace all four at the same time. You will find two just inside the drawer on the rails and another two on the tray also near the rails. Make sure before buying these and replacing that the problem is not bent rails. If that is the case you can attempt to re-shape however that rarely works long term. If they are badly bent it is time for a new drawer.

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