SAM4s ER-915 Cash Register

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Free Credit Card Interface available with this cash register

Product Description

This is a great basic cash register with all the features you need but still simple to use

The SAM4s ER-915 Cash Register is a robust entry level cash register. This register is a commercial grade register designed for retail stores, in fact you can even add a bar code scanner. The ER-915 is an excellent replacement for the best selling popular SAM4s ER-5215M cash register. There are many reasons why this model is a great choice for your business. The ER-915 features both a receipt and journal printer. Having a journal printer gives you a little more piece of mind for security of course. The ability to connect to a credit card pin pad also sets this simple register apart from other entry level models. You will also like the commercial grade cash drawer this model comes with. The cash drawer features a removable five bill five coin insert with media slots. The cash drawer also includes a lock and can be opened with just the key.

The SAM4s ER-915 has many options that you may have never even thought about using like Text Insertion with your DVR security system giving you one of the ultimate tools to stop cashier theft and under charging. Does your store accept EBT? If so EBT sorting is another great standard feature of this model. EBT sorting allows you to ring up the entire sale all at once and the register will let the cashier know how much can be paid with EBT and will even automatically reverse the sales tax for those items being paid for with EBT. This feature speeds up your entire operation and makes it much easier for your cashiers.

If you need more information figuring out if this is the right register for your business give us a call. We are experts at matching a register with your needs. We also offer complete custom programming id that is something you need. Call us at 800-863-2274 and we will walk you through which model might work best for you.

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