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Product Description

The SAM4s SAP-630R is breaking all the rules we knew about cash registers because it combines all the great durable and quick aspects of a cash register with an Android operating system. The results are an incredible system that delivers features that we have only dared dream about before.

Emailed End of Day reports are now a reality, yes this cash register will automatically email your end of day reports right to you. Have you ever found yourself wanting a sales report form your cash register for a date several months ago? Well with the SAP-630R want no more! When you want a certain day's report just take it. If you want a report for a date range, just take it for the date range you want. How about taking reports on your phone, can your old cash register do that? This one can do that and so much more.

The SAM4s SAP-630R is powered by SAM4pos Application. This application is the engine that drives the features of this system that make it perfect for retail stores. A perfect example of the advances of this system compared to prior SAM4s system is the built in help video library. Yes, you read that correctly, the SAP-630R includes a Help/How To video library with closed captioning enabling you to watch instructional videos right on your cash register's display.

The SAP-630R is one of the next generation Android Cash Registers that has changed the way we will take sales reports forever. In the past with a legacy cash register you had to rely on "X" and "Z " reports. As you may well know once you took a "Z" report the information was printed and erased from your register. Well now that is a thing of the past. With this system you simply take the report for the day you want. If you want a range of dates, no problem just enter the range. This is far and away more flexible then any register on the market before.

Interfaces to the popular Scan Data Tobacco Sales Reporting Tool from Altria and RJR. This allows you to increase cigarette and chew sales because you will be able to offer loyalty discounts for your returning customers. You can also qualify for rebates that allow you to maintain the same margin while you lower the retail price customers pay. Don't forget that when loyal tobacco customers return to your store, they often buy other items too which just continues to help increase your sales. Keep customers returning to your store instead of going elsewhere to get multi-pack or multi-tin discounts. We have partnered with BandyWorks to make Altria and RJR Scan Data promotions available for you with this point of sale solution from SAM4s.

The SAP-630R offers advanced programming like the ability to search your UPC file by description, copy UPC's, set a certain UPC as a default for quick programming. If you are building your database for the first time we can also load a pre-made database and you simply need to confirm the prices the first time that item is scanned. Of course we still have the "UPC not found feature too for quick entry still too.

Add a mobile tablet to your cash register system to make programming and updating even easier. Yes, that is right you can add the SAM4pos 10" mobile tablet to your system. Now you can take the tablet into your store aisles and update prices on the fly, add new items on demand and even enter stock counts. The beautiful part of this feature is that it is live, not store and forward but in live time. Change a price on the tablet and it is changed on the register. As you can see this is not a legacy system, this is the future of cash registers.

The SAM4s SAP-630R was built for a wide variety of retail stores like liquor stores, convivence stores, smoke shops, grocery, neighborhood markets and much more. If you sell items retail over the counter and speed and accuracy are important to you then this is the register you should be looking at.

For more information or to arrange an online demo give us a call at 800-863-2274 we are experts in North America for SAM4s POS systems including credit card interfaces featuring the Datacap Tran Server or IT Tran.

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