SAM4s SPS-345 Cash Register

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Free Credit Card Interface available with this cash register

Product Description

SAM4s SPS-345

The SAM4s SPS-345 is a great cash register designed for retail stores. Whether you want to enter open entry sales, presets or bar code scan the SPS-345 can do it all. With twenty-one buttons on the keyboard for ringing up open and/or preset items and the ability to have 20K UPC items the SPS-345 register is hard to compete with.

This register also has a very nice eight line LCD operator display that makes using and programming this register a snap. The free utility software just enhances how easy this cash register is to program. Pair it with the Code 5000AV bar code scanner with age verification and you have yourself a very powerful and affordable system for a C-Store, Liquor Store or smoke shop. There are many other options like Credit Card interface with EMV chip reading pin pads, gift cards, text inserter and more. The SAM4s SPS-345 is the second generation of the very popular ER-650R cash register with some updated features like the SD card port and journal printer.

Connect an EMV Credit Card Terminal to your SPS-345

EMV Credit Card Terminal

The Smart ECR Credit card terminal from Sterling Payment Technologies connect directly to your cash register. Accept EMV Chipped cards, Swiped Cards and debit cards directly from your cash register. For more information about the EMV Credit Card terminal for the SAM4s SPS-345 cash register and of course you can call us at 1-800-863-2274 for additional information.

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