SAM4s SPS-530 Auto Cutter


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Product Description

This part works on both the SAM4s SPS-530RT and the 530RT models. Both models come standard with the cutter. The cutter can be disabled in programming if desired. If your auto cutter has stopped working it may not be the cutter itself. Often the auto cutter will stop working as a symptom of a bad I/O board and has nothing to do with the cutter. Make sure you have done your troubleshooting before replacing this part.

The SAM4s SPS-530 auto cutter is very easy to replace. As always make sure and unplug your register before attempting any repairs. We recommend backing up your program before making repairs as well. Keep in mind making your own repairs could void your factory warranty of the register and the part. We do offer full repair services if you would rather have us make the repair.

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