Sharp UP-600 Cash Register

Std Ethernet LAN Communications(TC/IP),Back-lit LCD display, scanning, heavy duty Dot-matrix printer, and Raised Keyboard design
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Product Description

The Sharp UP-600 cash register designed for retail with, flexibility, expandability and versatility. Standard scanning interface, range of PLU/UPC/EAN codes, raised keyboard.

Sharp UP-600 Cash Register:

  • High Speed Industry Std Ethernet LAN Communications (TC/IP)
  • Extra large multi-line, operator adjustable back-lit LCD display.
  • Software built-in with Flash ROM technology
  • Dynamic feature sets are built into the system
  • Standard scanning interface
  • Integrated heavy duty Dot-matrix receipt/journal printer with single line validation
  • Raised Keyboard design
  • Compact design
  • 7 bill/5 coin heavy duty cash drawer
  • Learning function
  • Charge Posting
  • Mix and match Pricing w/ multiple Price Shifts

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