Sharp UP-700 Cash Register

Delivers the kind of power that’s so critical in today’s highly competitive hospitality marketplace
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Product Description

Delivers the power that’s so critical in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Built-in software enables “on-the-fly” price changes, daily specials and combo meals with an upsize function. Flexibility, expandability and versatility for the most demanding environment. Wide range of PLU menu keys, high-speed industry standard Ethernet LAN communications, flat micro-motion keyboard, integrated thermal receipt journal printer, Features: High Speed Industry Std Ethernet LAN Communications (TCP/IP) Multi-line, operator adjustable, back-lit LCD display Software is built-in with Flash ROM technology Superior reliability, Integrated super fast receipt/journal thermal printer with graphic logo printing capabilities, plus the ability to add a custom logo to the customers receipt. Compact design, Standard 7 bill/5 coin heavy duty cash drawer, full range of PLU/UPC/EAN codes, Price Inquiry for PLU, Group discounts, Tray subtotal, Multiple menu levels, Tip with edit tip function, Macro Function key, PLU menu keys, Standard credit/debit card interface

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